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Diabetic Foot Pain

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Foot pain is one of the most persistent and troubling issues that diabetics must cope with today. Diabetic foot pain is usually related to nerve and blood vessel damage, and often those issues are treatable. At Momentum Foot & Ankle Clinic, dedicated podiatrist Aamir Mahmood, DPM, creates individualized diabetic foot care plans for every patient. There are three offices in Michigan City and Chesterton, Indiana, and Lombard, Illinois, so reach out to the one nearest you by phone or through online scheduling now.

Diabetic Foot Pain Q & A

What causes diabetic foot pain?

Several issues could cause your diabetic foot pain. Among them are:

Peripheral neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common cause of foot pain among diabetes sufferers. This condition occurs when high blood sugar damages your nerves, disrupting their ability to transmit signals properly. 

Peripheral neuropathy can cause a variety of symptoms, but foot pain is a common one. The pain may feel like sharp, electrical-type sparks, burning, or strong tingling. Peripheral neuropathy can also cause foot numbness.

Circulatory problems

High blood sugar can accelerate plaque formation in your arteries. Plaque is a waxlike substance that comes from cholesterol and other sources within your blood. When you have too much of these substances, they build up inside your arteries. 

Narrowed or blocked arteries prevent your legs and feet from getting oxygen-rich blood, and this oxygen deprivation is often quite painful. The foot pain may feel like intense pressure or extreme cramping.

Together, nerve and circulatory system damage can lead to additional types of pain. For example, if you have foot numbness from peripheral neuropathy, you can have foot wounds that you don’t feel. Due to lack of blood to the area, the wound won’t heal like it should. 

Unhealed wounds can eventually become infected ulcers, and they may spread inward to your bones to cause serious pain and complications there if untreated. 


How do you treat diabetic foot pain?

Treatment starts with good blood sugar control, which may involve changing your diet and exercise routine. Some of the many different strategies for diabetic foot pain management can include:

  • Custom orthotics
  • Prescription diabetic shoes
  • Topical creams
  • Oral medication

Dr. Mahmood may also recommend other evidence-based treatments for diabetic foot pain based on your needs. 


How can I prevent diabetic foot pain?

The best prevention is consistent diabetic foot care. Momentum Foot & Ankle Clinic offers a comprehensive diabetic foot care program that includes exams at least once a year, wound care as needed, and home preventive care strategies that keep you healthy. 

Part of diabetic foot care is inspecting your feet daily at home. As soon as you notice any changes, like new pain, skin changes, swelling, foot or ankle instability, new wounds, or any other issues, call the office for help. Prompt action helps you avoid serious damage and pain.

Call the Momentum Foot & Ankle Clinic in your area, or book an appointment using the online scheduler now. 

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