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Podiatrist & Foot & Ankle Surgeon located in Lombard, IN, Michigan City, IN & Chesterton, IN

Each of your feet and ankles contain more than 30 different joints — and they’re all targets for arthritis. At Momentum Foot & Ankle Clinic, skillful podiatrist Aamir Mahmood, DPM, offers complete arthritis management, including early diagnosis, pain relief, and help with mobility. There are three locations in Michigan City and Chesterton, Indiana, and Lombard, Illinois, so reach out by phone or through the online scheduling tool now.

Arthritis Q & A

How does arthritis affect the feet and ankles?

Arthritis can cause significant damage throughout your feet and ankles. Different types of arthritis may have different effects. 


Osteoarthritis causes cartilage to wear down. Over time, this leads to painful bone-on-bone rubbing and sometimes bone spurs.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis causes inflammation within the synovium, the connective tissue that lines your joint capsule. Eventually, it can cause severe joint deformity.

Post-traumatic arthritis

Post-traumatic arthritis may start after an injury or damage involving your feet or ankles. Bone fractures and dislocations are two common examples. In post-traumatic arthritis, your cartilage breaks down. It may happen long after your injury.

Other types of arthritis, such as gout and psoriatic arthritis, can also damage your feet and ankles. 


What are the symptoms of foot and ankle arthritis?

Symptoms can occur in any joint, from your toes to your midfoot to your heel and ankle. Common arthritis symptoms in the foot and ankle include:

  • Stiffness when you move the joint
  • Pain when you move the joint
  • Soreness when you press on the joint
  • Swelling around the joint
  • Warmth around the joint
  • Inflamed skin around the joint

Many foot and ankle arthritis sufferers say their pain is worse early in the morning and after long periods of rest. Heavy physical activity can intensify arthritis pain, too. 


How do you treat foot and ankle arthritis?

Arthritis is a chronic condition, but Dr. Mahmood can help you feel and function better. Some of the many possible treatments include:

  • Custom orthotic inserts or braces
  • Oral anti-inflammatory medication
  • Anti-inflammatory injections 
  • Physical therapy
  • Lifestyle changes, like changing your exercise type

In some cases, foot and ankle arthritis grows worse even with multiple conservative treatments. If your arthritis causes mobility and function issues and it’s worsening, Dr. Mahmood may recommend foot or ankle surgery. 

During surgery, Dr. Mahmood can remove loose cartilage and other debris from your joint, fuse the two bones of the joint together, or even replace the worn-out parts of your joint with high-functioning prosthetics. 

If you have bunions or other conditions triggered by arthritis, Dr. Mahmood also treats those problems to ensure maximum arthritis symptom relief. 

Foot and ankle arthritis is frustrating for millions of Americans. If it’s disrupting your quality of life, Momentum Foot & Ankle Clinic can help. Call the office in your area or book an appointment online now. 

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